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Our guideline is to work with natural, organic and sustainable ingredients from Iceland to deliver the best results for the body and skin. Our products are organic, made with pure natural ingredients of high quality.

Our products are free from synthetic ingredients and we only use the finest natural ingredients with powerful properties that are carefully selected.

We handcraft each and every product so we know what goes into everything we make. Our packaging is simple and our green bottles are designed to protect and extend the freshness of our natural ingredients.

All of our products are handmade in small batches here in Iceland.


                 MÝKJANDI          SALTSKRÚBBUR með                           fjallagrösum


       SALTSKRÚBBUR með                           fjallagrösum

               HREINSANDI            BAÐSALT með þara


         BAÐSALT með þara

                 FRÍSKANDI             BAÐSALT með birki


          BAÐSALT með birki

                   RÓANDI         BAÐSALT með blóðbergi


      BAÐSALT með blóðbergi